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Concrete Lifting: Repairing Sunken Concrete

Concrete Lifting Cincinnati is a popular method for repairing sunken concrete slabs. It’s less invasive and costs significantly less than replacing the damaged concrete.Concrete Lifting

Traditional new concrete pours require several days for them to cure. Mudjacking also involves large machinery that can damage your lawn and garden. Concrete lifting with polyurethane foam is fast, simple, and minimally invasive.

When your driveway, sidewalk, or patio sinks, it can be a big problem. Uneven concrete surfaces are not only unsightly; they can be dangerous for people walking on them or cars driving over them. Fortunately, there are several ways you can repair sunken concrete to bring it back up to level and make it safe for use. One of the most popular methods is called “concrete lifting,” also known as “mudjacking” or “slabjacking.” It involves drilling holes into the sunken concrete and pumping a filler material under it to raise, or “jack,” it back up to its original position.

The best part about this method is that it is much less expensive than replacing the entire slab with new concrete. Replacing concrete involves chipping up the old slab, hauling away the debris, hiring a crew to pour the new slab, and waiting for it to dry, all of which are costly endeavors. Concrete lifting, on the other hand, requires fewer resources and less labor to complete.

Besides being less costly, concrete lifting is also quick and effective. The entire process can be completed in a matter of hours, so you can get back to your normal routine much sooner. Another benefit is that it is less invasive than other concrete repair methods. Mudjacking and other concrete replacement methods involve digging up the old slab, which can ruin your landscaping and cause damage to underground utilities and plumbing systems. Concrete lifting, on the other hand, only requires the drilling of small holes into the concrete, so it won’t affect your landscape or any nearby plants.

Concrete lifting foam is also environmentally friendly and long-lasting. Unlike mud, which contains chemicals that can seep into the ground and poison surrounding vegetation, polyurethane foam is inert and won’t leach into the soil. Additionally, this type of foam is lightweight and won’t contribute to the future sinking of the surrounding soil. This is a great option for those looking to repair their driveways, sidewalks, and patios without disrupting the environment or spending more money than necessary. Contact a concrete repair professional to learn more about how you can use this affordable and effective concrete repair method for your home.

Faster than Replacement

If you have a sunken concrete patio, sidewalk, or driveway that is making it difficult to use your outdoor space, you don’t have to wait for a new slab to be poured. There is a quick and affordable solution, and it’s called concrete lifting. This process uses polyurethane foam to raise and stabilize the sinking concrete slab, and it’s more efficient than mudjacking or slab jacking.

Mudjacking is a common alternative to concrete lifting, but it has several disadvantages that make concrete lifting the better option. Both mudjacking and slabjacking involve digging up your old concrete and pouring in new. This requires large machinery that encroaches on your property, disrupts lawns, and even damages fencing and trees. With concrete lifting, the contractor simply injects stabilizing foam underneath your slab. This foam expands rapidly, filling any void and raising your sunken concrete back to its original position.

The best part is that it takes less than an hour for the foam to set, and you can walk and drive on your concrete surface immediately afterward. This is much faster than the hours needed for new concrete to set, and it’s a lot less disruptive to your daily life.

In addition, mudjacking can create unsightly holes in your slabs and wreak havoc on the surrounding soil. This can cause additional damage and sinking, so it’s important to hire a professional who knows how to handle these repairs properly. Concrete lifting is the better choice if you want to avoid costly and time-consuming complications in the future. It’s also a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice than a replacement.


Concrete lifting is an environmentally friendly method for repairing sunken and uneven concrete slabs. The process works by injecting polyurethane foam underneath a damaged slab of concrete to raise it back to its original position. This method is a much more environmentally friendly option than concrete replacement, which requires tearing out the existing slab and pouring new concrete in its place. Concrete lifting is also a more cost-effective and quicker alternative to other concrete repair methods.

The polyurethane foam used in concrete lifting is non-toxic and does not leach into the soil like mudjacking slurry does. This is important because it means that your driveway, sidewalk, or patio won’t be covered in toxic mud after the repair. The injection of foam is also quick and easy. Unlike concrete replacement, which can take days or even weeks to complete, concrete lifting is completed in just a few hours. This minimal disruption makes it perfect for properties with decorative landscape features or structures that may be damaged by excavation.

Unlike concrete replacement, which uses a cement-based mixture, concrete lifting utilizes a lightweight and durable polyurethane foam. The polyurethane foam expands as it is injected beneath the concrete, filling up any voids and raising the slab back to its original position. This method is also known as slab jacking, poly-leveling, and polyfoam injection.

To begin the concrete lifting process, a technician will drill dime-sized holes in the affected concrete slab. Geolift, a lightweight and environmentally friendly polyurethane foam, is then injected into the holes. This environmentally friendly concrete lifting solution is made from raw materials, including recycled plastics and renewable soybeans, and contains zero ODP blowing agents.

Once the foam has been injected, it will harden within minutes, allowing you to use your concrete surface again in no time. This is a major advantage over concrete replacement, which can take days or even several weeks to complete. The foam also weighs less than mudjacking slurry, so it won’t add any additional stress to the already unstable soil beneath the slab.